The future starts now

Metsä Board’s new enhanced folding boxboard portfolio helps you tackle the big issues in packaging.




Better brand experiences.


  • 01 Introduction
    01 Introduction

    The story of our lightweight and sustainable paperboards starts with the pure and strong Nordic fibre.

  • 02 Structure
    02 Structure

    Optimised 3-layer structure saves wood raw material and provides high strength and stiffness at lighter weight.

  • 03 Coating
    03 Coating

    The surface perfected to give excellent printing properties and to enable demanding finishing effects.

  • 04 Performance
    04 Performance

    Our new range of folding boxboards excellent performance, deliver captivating and sustainable brand experiences.

  • 05 Sustainability
    05 Sustainability

    Lighter weight means a lower carbon footprint. Our wood originates from responsibly managed forests where forest growth is ensured by planting four new seedlings for every tree harvested.

Better experiences with less environmental impact

Everywhere in the world, companies are looking for solutions to combat climate change, save resources and find alternatives to plastics. Our new enhanced paperboards help reduce carbon footprint in the entire value chain.

Lightweight folding boxboards reduce carbon footprint in the whole chain

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Geared for high performance

Metsä Board folding boxboard range now offers even stronger performance in highly demanding end uses such as food, beauty care, healthcare, or luxury packaging and graphics applications.


At your service: packaging analysis and design

Our packaging analysis and design services can help you to optimize packaging in terms of brand impact, sustainability and functionality. Take a look at our design cases and the results they helped to achieve.